Prunus spinosa in autumn colors

Meteorologists are predicting an end to the Indian summer in our area very soon. We can expect temperature drop and strong winds since tomorrow. It means, most of the leaves will go. Therefore I took few pictures of this prunus today. Weather was so kind to us this autumn. We had very little wind during last few weeks, mild temperatures, no night frost yet. If we had experienced some of this kind of harsh weather all leaves will be down in one night while still green. So, I treat this colored sloe as gift of autumn. I feared leaves will drop when moving tree to usual photo place, so I just moved it on stand next to the shelf. I enjoy it a lot. Hope you will enjoy it as well. Have a nice weekend. 


Quercus pubescens No.4

Few weeks ago I aquired couple of pots from Tomas Snovicky. One of them was standing on shelf waiting for right tree. This oak needed reporting long time ago, but honestly there was no good pot in spring and no time at all. So few days ago I took oak from old plastic pot where it was for few years already. I removed very little roots and fixed tree into this new ceramic pot. I wait until late spring 2018 and then do a root work again and plant it deeper and probably decrease inclination of the tree. 

I've Kept On Blogging for Few Years And This Happened...

Do you know that using this kind of blog title will help You gain much more traffic on your blog? Seriously, people are just curious. So what happened, huh?

Well, just wanted to share with my regular visitors and friends that my blog passed 500 000 view mark this week. It is not precise, and a lot of this traffic is artificial from various dubious sources. Anyway, it is clear there are some visitors. few guys created web called feedspot (see badge on bottom right of my page) where they tra to rang various blogs from all around the world. Among bonsai blogs my blog is ranked 38 currently. Thanks for that as well.  

During my youth, in University campus, we used every good opportunity to celebrate. We were celebrating all regular state holidays, all catholic holidays and all important memorial days. Basically, we used any possibility to procrastinate and discuss useless crap sitting in cheap pubs drinking few pints of (usually) rubbish beer. Hell Yeah, that was great times I tell you. 

So, even if reaching half milion views on counter is irrelevant, let's use this moment to celebrate according to good old tradition.

I know a lot of regular visitors by name and I really appreciate your loyalty and feedback you provide me. Thank you guys. 
For all of you, regular visitors who are not bloggers, I would like to clarify one thing for you. We, bloggers, need your feedback. If you really care to see any new content, give authors feedback. Like it, share it, write few words in comments section. All this counts. Trust me. 
This are no easy times for bloggers, you know. When I started to do my blog, Facebook and Twitter were small kids. Times have changed. There are a lot of different platforms where bonsai content is available right now. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, reddit name it. On other hand, I have seen so many blogs die during last few years. It is natural because, honestly, it is not trivial task to create content, continuously, month by month, year by year. So a lot of guys just quit, or moved to different platforms. 

New technologies and ever faster net are tools to share more and more data. So we keep seeing more pictures and more videos. Im curious where we will be in ten years time. Maybe all blogs will be dead already overpowered by some new platforms. Who knows.

For now I'm here, staying and currently eager to create new content. Hope to create valid, informative, sometimes provocative posts about those few trees I have. I'm thinking about creating video posts in future, but not decided yet definitely. It will require a lot of time, new tools etc. But honestly, I think without video parts blogs will have problem. Anyway, I'm curious what do you think about it. 

So Big Thank You To All Once Again.

Me with Yossarian about week ago. Journey continues. 


Tilia cordata No.1

Only two weeks apart and change in color is rather dramatic as you can see on second picture. Interesting thing, it is turning yellow month earlier compared to last season. Even if  autumn weather is rather calm and night temperatures hardly hit lover than +5°C and no freezing yet. On another hand weather was extremely dry this year. 


Spruce No.2 (on left) moved into new pot couple of days ago. So new spruce (No. 7, on right and second picture) moved into empty chinese pot, from plastic bowl where it was sitting since 2011. Ready for styling next year. Tree collected in 2011, since then only pruned to get foliage back to the trunk. I wanted to sell it for too long, nobody wanted it. Now it will be styled a I will see how it will play out. Nice tapering of the trunk is the main advantage.

Secret plan

Now I'm going to tell you, I have secret long term plan. I would like to think, one of my offsprings will take care about my bonsai one day, when my journey will be at the end. I hope it is still far away, but still If you have long term plan, you have to work it step by step. What's my plan then? I try to expose my kids to as much natural environment and gardens as possible. I hope they will love it and latern when they are adult, they can have some horticultural hobby. Ideally bonsai, of course. In line with my plan I took them yesterday to visit Botanical Garden in Bratislava. It was partly rainy day and we have spent there a lot of time. Thanks to weather we were almost alone there, so it was great. To my surprise my kids were most  impressed by desert pavilion. So my plan worked well, partly, we went home with few cactuses. New collection was started on kids window sill. I took few shots with my phone so you can see for yourself.